DL-SATB-0001 Come, Holy Spirit! (Pentecost) (organ) (2005)
DL-SATB-0002 O Domine Jesu Christe (organ/piano), Latin text (2005)
DL-SATB-0003 No Greater Love (organ), John 15:13 (2005)
DL-SATB-0004 A New Command: Love One Another (organ), John 13:34; 14:1 (2006)
DL-SATB-0005 Come, Holy Spirit, Come! (Pentecost) (harp or keyboard, congas) (2006)
DL-SATB-0006 Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God (organ) Psalm 51:10 (2006)
DL-SATB-0007 Song for Lord Jesus (Advent) (organ, flute) (2006)
DL-SATB-0008 Walk in Love (organ, clarinet), Ephesians 5:2 and 1 Peter 3:18 (2006)
DL-SATB-0009 Behold! I Set My Rainbow in the Clouds (organ, flute), Genesis 9:12-17 (2007)
DL-SATB-0010 In the Still of Evening (Advent or Christmas) (organ, violin) (2007)
DL-SATB-0011 Now Go Ye into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) (solo tenor, vocal quartet, organ, piccolo, Shofar or trumpet, gong) (2007)
DL-SATB-0012 Peace I Leave with You (organ), John 14:27 (2007)
DL-SATB-0013 Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (piano, flute) (accompaniment also arranged for full orchestra), Ps. 122:6-7 (2007)
DL-SATB-0014 Every Stone Shall Cry (organ, trumpet, percussion), adapted from “A Christmas Hymn” by Richard Wilbur (2008)
DL-SATB-0015 O Holy Spirit (harp or keyboard), text by Mary Louis Bringle after Hildegard of Bingen (2008)
DL-SATB-0016  Song of Simeon (solo baritone, organ, flute), Luke 2:29-35 (2008)
DL-SATB-0017 Ubi Caritas et Amor (unaccompanied, with soprano divisi), Latin text (2008)
DL-SATB-0018 God’s in His Heaven (harp), adapted from “The Year’s at the Spring” by Robert Browning (2009)
DL-SATB-0019 i thank You God (unaccompanied, with divisi), adapted from the poem by e. e. cummings (2009)
DL-SATB-0020 O Nata Lux (piano, flute), Medieval hymn (2011) available from
DL-SATB-0021 The Lord’s Prayer (piano, flute) (2011)
DL-SATB-0022 Veni Sancte Spiritus! (piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, organ), Sequence for Pentecost Sunday (2011)
DL-SATB-0023 Libera Me (trumpet, organ) (2012)
DL-SATB-0024 O Magnum Mysterium (unaccompanied) (2012)
DL-SATB-0025 Song of Ruth (piano, harp, recorder) Ruth 1:16-17 (2012)
DL-SATB-0026 Regina Caeli (piano) (2013)
DL-SATB-0027 Tota pulchra es, Maria (piano, bells) (2013) available from
DL-SATB-0028 Alleluia (unaccompanied) (2014)
DL-SATB-0029 Totus Tuus Sum Maria (piano) (2014)
DL-SATB-0030 Evening Prayer (unaccompanied) (2015)
DL-SATB-0031 ¡Gloria a Dios! (percussion) (2015)
DL-SATB-0032 Ave Maria (unaccompanied) (2016)
DL-SATB-0033 The Name of Love (piano) (2016)
DL-SATB-0034 Amen (toms) (2016)
DL-SATB-0035 The Seventh Angel (piano), texts by Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley; based on Revelation 11:15-19 (2018)
DL-SATB-0036 Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart (piano), adapted from Song of Solomon 2:10-13; 8:6-7 (2018)

DL-SAB-0001 Risen Lord Be Known to Us (organ), inspired by "Come, Risen Lord" by George Wallace Briggs (2007)
DL-SAB-0002 You Shall Love the Lord Your God (organ), Matthew 22:35-40 and Mark 12:28-31 (2007) available from
DL-SAB-0003 Create in Me a Clean Heart (piano), Psalm 51:10-11, 15 (2008)
DL-SAB-0004 Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart (piano), Proverbs 3:5-6 (2008)
DL-SAB-0005 In Remembrance–A Communion Hymn (organ, flute), verses by John Mason Neale (2009)
DL-SAB-0006 For as Often as You Eat of This Bread—A Communion Hymn (harp, recorder), 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 (2010)
DL-SAB-0007 Little Lamb (organ), William Blake (2011)
DL-SAB-0008 Welcome Happy Morning (piano), V.H. Fortunatus, trans. John Ellerton (2017)
DL-SAB-0009 Are You the One? (piano), adapted from Matthew 11:1-6 (2017)
DL-SAB-0010 The First Noel (piano), English carol (2017)
DL-SAB-0011 Esto les Digo (piano), Spanish (2018)
DL-SAB-0012 I Am with You Always (organ), adapted from Matthew 28:18, 20 (2018)
DL-SAB-0013 God Will Wipe Every Tear (organ), adapted from Revelation 21:4-7 and Isaiah 40:8 (2018)


DL-SB-0001 Matthew 25 (piano), Matthew 25:35-40 (2008)
DL-SB-0002 See the Lilies of the Field (piano, bass), Matthew 6:28-34 (2008)
DL-SB-0003 Open Your Heart to the Poor and Needy (piano), Inspired by Deuteronomy 15:10-11 (2009)
DL-SB-0004 This Is the Body and Blood of Christ – A Communion Hymn (piano, descant), verses by Reginald Heber (2009)
DL-SB-0005 What Does It Profit a Man? (piano), Matthew 16:25-26, 6:19-20 (2009)
DL-SB-0006 The Communion – A Communion Hymn (organ, descant), verses by John Brownlie (2009)
DL-SB-0007 The Lord Is My Shepherd (flute, piano), Psalm 23 (2011)
DL-SB-0008 Star Child (piano) (2015)

Women's Chorus

DL-SA-0001 The Lord Is My Light (SA, piano) (2017)

DL-SSA-0001 Ave Maria (SSA, piano) (2018)

DL-SSAA-0001 Salve Regina (SSAA, unaccompanied) (2014)
DL-SSAA-0002 The Magnificat (SSAA, piano) (2014)
DL-SSAA-0003 Panis Angelicus (SSAA, unaccompanied) (2015)
DL-SSAA-0004 Apostle of the Apostles (SSAA, piano) (2016)
DL-SSAA-0005 A Spotless Rose (SSAA, unaccompanied) (2016)
DL-SSAA-0006 In Everything There Is a Season (SSAA, celeste, harp/keyboard) (2017)

Children's Chorus

DL-CC-0001 Let There Be Peace for God's Children (2- or 3-part equal voices, piano, flute) (2008)
DL-CC-0002 Let Us Keep Christ in Christmas (2-part equal voices, piano) (2015)
DL-CC-0003 The Mysterious Cat (two-part equal voices, piano) text by Vachel Lindsay (2018)

Large Works

DL-LW-0001 REQUIEM (2013)

01 Introit: Requiem Aeternam (brass, percussion, flute, harp, organ)

02 Kyrie Eleison (oboe, cello, percussion, organ)

03 Gradual: Requiem Aeternam (violin, cello, organ)

04 Tract: Absolve, Domine (violin, organ)

05 Sequence: Dies Irae (percussion, organ)

06 Offertory: Domine Jesu Christe (flute, harp, organ)

07 Sanctus (harp, organ)

08 Agnus Dei (oboe, organ)

09 Communion: Lux Aeterna (flute, organ)

10 Pie Jesu (SSAA: flute, oboe, organ)

11 Libera Me (trumpet, organ)

12 In Paradisum (flute, organ)


DL-S-0001 Remember Me (baritone, piano), Luke 23:42 (2005)
DL-S-0002 Ave Maria (soprano, piano), Latin prayer (2006)
DL-S-0003 Come Dwell in My Love (tenor, piano), John 15:8-10 (2006)
DL-S-0004 God Will Wipe Every Tear from Our Eyes (alto, organ), Revelation 21:4-7, Isaiah 40:8 (2006)
DL-S-0005 I Am with You Always (tenor, organ), Matthew 28:20 (2006)
DL-S-0006 Lord, Wash Me Clean Today (baritone, piano) (2008)
DL-S-0007 There, but for the Grace of God, Go I (baritone, piano) (2009)
DL-S-0008 Ave Maria (baritone, piano) (2013)
DL-S-0009 The Seventh Angel (soprano, trumpet, piano) Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley (2013)


DL-D-0001 Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart (soprano, tenor, piano) (2014)